Farnborough Airshow 2014 - Poster Challenge

It's been a rum few weeks here at the Old Queen's Arms. We are now based right on a hill a mere aeronautical mile or two away from Farnborough Airport, and unless you have been in a cave somewhere you will know that its Airshow time again.

Working in the studio its not been unusual for us to hear the unmistakable roar of a fighter jet way after its gone or to lean precariously out of the window to catch sight of a huge passenger airliner doing some incredible moves that don't look possible.

To celebrate we thought it would be a splendid wheeze to capture some of the spirit of the show in a series of bespoke posters designed for no other reason than because we can…and that we all like planes.

The brief was very simple. They should be A2 portrait produced in a restrictive but hopefully motivational time limit of just one hour. The approach could be typographic, illustrative or photographic or a mix of all three. The only prescription within that was that the poster must include the text 'Farnborough Air Show 2014' and feature a reference of some sort to at least one aircraft featuring in the flying display.The rest was open to interpretation.

Its safe to say that we have a wide range of personalities in the studio and so it's probably no surprise that the results were wide-ranging, so without further ado here are our responses and a brief bit of interpretation to make sense of them.

My inspiration obviously was to use a luggage tag as an inspiration for the look and feel to keep away from a very photoshop-based poster and give it a very flat typographic feel. The font was deliberately chosen to reflect the inner marking on a runway.

Designed in the style of a high impact dramatic movie poster. Based around the Gloster Meteor plane, the first and original jet fighter, concentrating on the 'meteor' aspect to add drama and cool, energetic eye catching visuals.

I wanted to get across the awe of seeing some of the fantastic machinery up close and personal. The kid in the pic stands for anyone that gets excited by aircraft of any kind. I am an enthusiast for colourful stuff and for some reason blue and orange seemed to suggest aerospace to me.

Remember how to fly…

This is a result of a conversation where a friend of mine in America posted pictures of aeroplanes taking off at his local airport. He’s not a plane spotter, but LOVES the idea of flight, as do I. It seems so unlikely, so against physics and reality even though physics and engineering continue to drive creativity, innovation and invention, which is just awesome!

As an M25 commuter in a previous life the journey was always better when you could see a plane landing or taking off. It was like being a child again. The scale, size and noise just dwarfing all around it. This inspired the idea that while all of us may, at some point, have visited Neverland and forgotten how to fly, you always remember the love of flying, hence using an early century “style” albeit pinched from search engine imagery!

Also my friends daughter wants to be an aeroplane…or maybe a helicopter when she grows up and given what we’ve seen on the flight path to the air show so far this week, I think I would too! :D

(Special marks for producing in Microsoft Word - Ed)

I'm a huge fan of David Shrigley and I have been watching a lot of Rainbow Bunchie, (The Final Boss of the Internet) so it seemed natural to combine the two.