The Locker #2: What 5 things inspire Mike, our web developer

In this, the second of our profiles of what makes the creative souls of our studio stir, we present the 5 inspirational items of one of our web development team. Like the man himself, it's a real mixed bag. So without further ado, what's in your locker Mike?

Smashing Magazine: 

Always my first go to point. It's a great resource for any web developer/designer. Its full of interesting news articles and features and loads of tips but they also certainly walk the walk as its a pleasure to look at and simple to use. I'm not on their payroll by the way.

H.R Giger:

He's an artist but his work is more than just a way of looking at the world, he created his own whole new one! I love the dark, futuristic feeling but also the mix of old and new, mechanical and organic. You can't help but think of weird monsters and stuff like that. And, of course, Alien is one of my favourite films.

Minority Report:

I'm thinking of the Tom Cruise film, but we can also put the original Philip K Dick story in there too I reckon. The idea of catching people before they commit a crime is mind-boggling, I love thinking about at what point do our thoughts become illegal? And of course the look of the film is legendary, all those super-slick holographic touch interfaces- its a digital geek fantasy really. Probably why I became a coder.

Internet Movie Database - Minority Report

10,000 days - Special Edition Vinyl & CD

This is a killer record sleeve. I'm not particularly a fan of the music but I love the attitude. For me they are a real band, they have a punk attitude and a cult following. They aren't on Spotify and don't really play the music industry game. This concept sums that all up. Designed by Adam Jones the cover has a cool Mayan type face but the best thing is that the pack opens out into one of those Victorian 3D viewers (A Stereoscope - Ed) and then you can look at illustrated cards that come included. It's done so well that its not cheesy. I guess there's a bit of a Giger influence in there too.

Schecter 'Hellraiser'

I had to put this in here. This is my guitar. It's slick, black, nothing too crazy about it, great components. I think a guitar is 100% inspirational, it gives me a escape and allows me total creativity when I'm writing music for my band. Without getting to deep for a studio blog, it's a way of channelling emotions and putting them into a song. Need I say any more?

- -

Name: Mike Samways

Job Title: Frontend Web Developer

Time with Ego: A touch over 10 months

Previous Experience: Ardent Creative - Frontend Developer

Education, or how did you get to these dizzy heights?: I'm self-taught, I learnt coding on the job and in my spare time using Treehouse and other coding online schools, which I have found the best way to learn