An Incredible opportunity

The challenge

To create a loyalty promotion campaign for Disney to engage consumers of Sorianna supermarkets in Mexico and increase their average shopping spend.

Our response

A full colour ‘Incredibles’ storybook with collectable, lenticular printed characters was created and available ‘free’ with purchases over a certain amount. Extensive POS material and offsite media promoted the storybooks and lenticulars, the full set of which told the whole story of the film.

Lenticulars were designed and produced to represent an exciting range of character motion possible for each story segment.

Consumers’ average purchase increased during the promotion in order to qualify for more of the lenticulars and complete the set. 

This licensing approach has been so successful that it has been extended to other Disney/Pixar properties and rolled out across other countries.

Target audience

Sorianna existing customers

"An incredible promotion that drove customer foot fall as well as providing a significant increase in sales"