Fluid internal communications

The challenge

To launch a new way of learning to the business, focused around the 70:20:10 learning model, which believes that 70% of all learning should come from on-the-job experiences, 20% from face to face and 10% from formal training methods.

Our response

A visual identity for the 70:20:10 programme was designed to create stand out and instant recognition by staff.  This used a fluid, people focused colour palette and graphical approach. Multiple messages were created addressing the key system objectives for the different user groups.

Bespoke user interface designs sorted learning by business function in a clear and clean flow chart style. The visual impact was maximised on both the front end and also via the technology integrated with the back end Cornerstone system.

Web design and front end coding with Cornerstone was managed, uploaded and delivered in house. The new system launch was supported with interactive support guides, internal emails, internal comms toolkits and an engaging system animation explaining the 70:20:10 use and benefits.

With our 70% on the job experience, 20% client face to face understanding and 10% extra we always give we were able to deliver our client a new user experience for internal learning!

The primary audience

Mid-Senior Grade Managers