Licensing takes off

The challenge

To produce an inspirational brand licensing sales tool that truly encompasses and embodies the passion, heritage and broad appeal of the RAF.

Our response

Research, analysis and benchmarking of the RAF current positioning and aspirations were vital in defining key market and licensing opportunities. 

Visualisation of the RAF’s brand equity to raise awareness of the potential for licensing was developed while also leveraging the RAF’s unique heritage, consumer appeal and key achievements. Identification and development of targeted sub brands i.e. the Red Arrows, extended the licensing potential.

Ego created a compelling, bright and high quality sales brochure to showcase the incredible potential of the RAF brand. From children’s toys, games and bedroom articles to thermos flasks, RAF apparel including a Red Arrows watch, Ego created a range of product ideas to bring the brand licensing to life.

A flexible and scalable proposition was created in order to work across different media, marketing and production processes to maximise licensing potential with minimum fuss.

Primary audience

Male dominated brands
Aviation enthusiast/related brands

Designed to leverage the RAF’s unique heritage, consumer appeal and key achievements