University challenge

The challenge

To provide an international brand licensing proposition representing the world famous University of Oxford brand and to build a dedicated online resource for licensees.

Our response

Extensive competitor research, analysis and benchmarking defining markets and segmenting products to create licensing opportunities, leveraging University of Oxford’s unique heritage, academic excellence and success.

A licensing style guide was created using Oxford inspired lifestyle imagery and visualisation of potential products. This incorporated the youth/student look and apparel; toys, games and learning materials inspired by the University as a centre of academic excellence, the history of the colleges and city as well as sophisticated English fashions and home ware. Ego created a visual catalogue brimming with brand potential.

A packaging guide was also defined and produced to show how and when the University of Oxford license could be used in various formats, strictly protecting the University of Oxford brand.

An online resource was designed and developed with a bespoke CMS system allowing full SEO administration with multilevel secure access and a secure forum for pre-registered Licensees and Licensors. News and events were featured on the site to generate interest and promote repeat visits, along with an image gallery of products and University of Oxford related design. A secure creative resource area included: packaging guidelines, cross-referenced resources by brand, category, client, product and territory and an advanced search function. All with comprehensive user help and FAQ section. Site analytics, user statistics and reporting as well as auto response forms allowed user journeys and interactions to be tracked and measured before and after launch.

A flexible and scalable proposition was created in order to maximise licensing potential across different media, marketing and production processes and to give the ability to extend this to other sub brands as required.

The site has a regular turnover of fabulous and elegant products and has achieved huge potential in licensing into new areas and products all while protecting the tradition and University of Oxford brand.

Primary audience

Potential licensees with brands that appeal to an ABC1 audience